PO Box 55462
Atlanta, GA 30308


" a slim, yet powerful treat that delivers the goods and exits with all fury intact. Each track is ruthless, crisp, and hard-hitting, exploring and updating the manic darkness of The Birthday Party and the catchiness of Bauhaus while adding a dash of minimal synth, German cabaret, and tarted-up glam rock for good measure." -Frank Deserto /

"...fully-formed with such a strong sonic identity. Athen's Entertainment craft a postpunk spin on gothic music the way god and nature intended - sticky, cavernous and dramatic. It's like ten-ton columns of sleek black marble, distorto glam-dub riot..." - Matthew Moyer / Movement Magazine

"Flawless. Dark. Truculent. Caustic. This is post punk of the highest order..." - Deaf Sparrow

"... few bands can make music this cold and abyssal so fiery and enticing" - Kristin Sollee / Shadowtime NYC

"Entertainment can appear so deliciously unpopular at times that you just know its great anyway." - Return to East